Habib Bank AG Zurich Habib Bank AG Zurich  
	HBZ Mastercard SecureCode Upgraded
	Dear Customers,
	MasterCards issued by Habib Bank AG Zurich are SecureCode enabled.
	SecureCode (3D Secure) is additional security layer available with
	registered vendors only for online purchases.

	HBZ has enhanced  this feature  to  make  more  convenient for its
	cardholders.  It has now moved from  static  password  to  dynamic 
	One-Time-Password (OTP).    At HBZ,  we  have  always  strived  to
	improve security measures for our  MasterCard  customers hence all
	HBZ  cards  are  now  enabled   for  OTP  based   online  purchase
	transactions, where available.  This latest online security option
	is  available  with  all  leading  merchants,    where  Mastercard
	SecureCode logo or sign appears.
	Habib Bank AG Zurich
	United Arab Emirates