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Our online services can save you considerable time because it's always open, are cost-effective and unmatched - with over 120 different online banking services available.

  • HBZcms - make secure third party payments at your convenience
  • HBZeLC - manage your trade finance activities online including Trust Receipt payments and Document Settlements.
  • Online Forex Trading - trade currencies in real-time
  • HBZwps - pay your staff salaries seamlessly through the UAE payment network
  • HBZpay - online payroll system
  • HBZeLocker - store sensitive data using strong encryption algorithms
  • Multiple log-in management allowing controlled access to multiple authorised users
  • Push banking service is an event-driven system - receive SMS alerts for the transaction of your choice
  • eStatement - receive your statement of accounts via secure email
  • View and download real-time account history in either Excel™/XML
  • View authenticated SWIFT/FTS (remittance) messages
  • View all your accounts centrally
  • Pay bills in real time

Welcome to HBZgsm banking, delivering account information to your mobile phone via SMS (Short Message Service). Through our event-based system, receive account information of your choice wherever you are. If you are an existing HBZweb user, subscribe for this service online. Alternatively, download the form, pick up an application form from any of our branches or subscribe at any of our in-branch ATMs.

The following messages can be received through HBZgsm:

Balance Inquiries:

  • Daily Balance
  • All Debit Balances
  • Debit Balance Over Amount
  • Debit Balance Below Amount
  • Credit Balance Only
  • Credit Balance Over Amount
  • Credit Balance Below Amount

Transaction Inquiries:

  • All Transactions
  • All Debit Transactions
  • Debit Transactions Over Amount
  • Debit Transactions Below Amount
  • All Credit Transactions
  • Credit Transactions Over Amount
  • Credit Transactions Below Amount

Other Inquiries:

  • Inward Remittances
  • Other Bank's Cheque Cleared
  • Other Bank's Cheque Returned
  • Your Cheque Cleared
  • Your Cheque Returned
  • PAD Lodged

Import documents under L/C is lodged for million or more, otherwise notify my Financial Controller".

Where Amount refers to any amount specified by the account owner.

Note: A cost of AED 0.30 is charged per message. Your telecom carrier may have additional charges when roaming.

All our machines support the PLUS, VISA, GCCnet and UAE SWITCH networks.

HBZatm - Automated Teller machine

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund transfer within HBZ accounts
  • Bill payments
  • PIN change
  • Mini statement / Balance enquiry
  • Cheque book request
  • Apply for HBZgsm (SMS) banking

HBZcdm - Cash/Cheque Deposit Machines

  • Convenient cash management
  • Cash Deposit - large deposits in a single transaction, immediate credit to your HBZ account
  • Cheque Deposit - deposit cheques and print a receipt with a scanned copy of your cheques
  • Corporate accounts - A deposit only card will be issued at no cost

Note: Maximum number of cheques per transaction is 30. All transactions are subject to the normal terms and conditions relating to the clearance of cheques.

HBZ's telephone banking service is available wherever you are 24/7.

  • Learn about our wide range of financial services
  • Free service - you only pay the cost of a call
  • Choose our quick and easy automated service

For Current and Savings accounts:

  • Real-time balances
  • Up-to-the minute Statement of Account
  • Etisalat bill payments
  • DEWA bill payments

For Call and Time Deposit accounts:

  • Real-time balances
  • Up-to-the minute Statement of Account

HBfax is a convenient, automated account management service. Checking, Savings and Call account holders are eligible for this service, which transmits information selected by you to a registered fax number as when transactions occur.

A free service designed to equip you to receive timely and accurate delivery of critical information. To apply for HBZfax services, download the Application form and submit it to your branch. Alternatively, call our Contact Centre, speak with your Relationship Manager or visit our nearest branch.

Scope of services for Current, Savings and Time Deposit Accounts:

  • Letters of Credit (LC) Opening
  • LC Amendments
  • SWIFT/FTS Remittance
  • SWIFT LC Amendment
  • Foreign Inward Documentary/Import Bills for Collection (FIDBC) Intimation
  • Payment Against Documentation (PAD) intimation
  • Discrepant Document intimation
  • Export Document Cost Memo
  • Export Document Dispatch intimation
  • Export LC and Amendment Advise Schedule

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  • Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Certain products, services and features may only be available in specific countries. We are working on bringing them to your region soon.
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