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In today's world, you need a payment card for everything from withdrawing cash, renting a car to checking into a hotel or buying airline tickets. Habib Bank Zurich plc offers HBZ Visa Debit cards for its retail as well as business customers.  The card allows customers to access funds anytime, anywhere for ATMs locally as well as internationally. These cards are accepted at more than 24 million places in 162 countries and territories. HBZ Debit Card holders can now withdraw cash in local currency from more than a million cash machines in the VISA global network.

HBZ customers can rely on their HBZ Visa Debit cards to provide a safe, flexible and convenient way to carry out financial transactions. All HBZ chip or smart cards are EMV compliant and have many advantages, such as:

Increased security: chip cards have powerful encryption preventing unauthorised access to information stored on the microchip, making electronic payments safer than ever before.

Greater convenience: their memory capacity means that chip cards can be used safely in remote locations where telecommunications are unreliable or prohibitively expensive. Chip cards contain a number of checks and balances, which means that your card can make an informed decision at every transaction.

Until every market has completed the move to smart technology, your VISA chip cards will also carry a magnetic stripe. This means that you will be able to use your chip card wherever you are.


HBZ Visa Classic Business Debit Card is specifically meant to meet your business needs. It provides an easy way to separate your company and personal expanses. Customers can apply for the card by downloading the application form and submiting it to their branch.


For individuals, HBZ offers Visa Classic Personal Debit Card. The card is provided to all Current and Savings account holders free of charge. Customers are issued a debit card when they open one of these accounts. To apply for HBZ Debit card, download the application form and submit it to your branch.


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2 Calls are charged at your service providers rates and will be monitored and record.

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