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With the HBZplatinum Visa card you can always expect the best. Internationally recognized, Visa premium cards are accepted at over 29 million merchant outlets and 1.5 million ATMs in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The HBZplatinum Visa card is much more than just a credit card, it provides flexibility, security and range of exclusive benefits and services.

For easy access to the better things in life, the HBZplatinum Visa card offers a diverse selection of travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle opportunities. With our automatic purchase protection and extended warranty cover, you can be rest assured your new purchases are protected*. And if things go wrong on your travels, our international support network can step in to help you*, in a medical emergency or when your card is lost or stolen.

Enjoy more from life with HBZplatinum Visa, whether traveling or at home.


Your HBZplatinum Visa card gives you the protection you need for your peace of mind. All purchases made with your HBZplatinum Visa card are automatically protected for 90 days from the date of purchase.* Visa will refund the value, should your purchases be accidentally broken or stolen. No registration required.*


Use your HBZplatinum Visa card to pay for your purchase and the period of your manufacturer's or retailer's warranty will automatically be extended by Visa for up to 24 months total cover. HBZplatinum Visa card benefits are available on a range of goods, including household electrical appliances.*


When you're abroad, a minor problem can easily become a crisis, we can put you in touch with the help you need.

  • Lost and Stolen Card Reporting service - Why let a lost or stolen card spoil your day?
    The moment you notice your card's missing, give us a call from anywhere in the world, night or day. Tell us your card number and within a maximum of 30 minutes, we'll put a block on your account and notify your bank. If you cannot provide your card details, we can still notify your bank about your situation within 30 minutes. Then you can get on with your life while we sort out the details, like getting a new card - and some emergency cash* if you need it - rushed to you through our international network.
  • Emergency card replacement - Need a new card fast?
    We've all lost a card. What counts is getting a replacement, fast, so that you don't miss a single beat of your holiday or business trip. We'll do our very best to get a replacement to you within one business day - delivered either to your hotel or a bank branch as nominated by you. We can also get you some emergency cash, in most cases within a few hours*. Just call, day or night.
  • Emergency cash disbursement - No way to get cash?
    No cash, no card, no luggage. Don't let lost luggage or a break-in spoil your trip; we can help reunite you with your life in just a few hours. All it takes is a phone call. We'll then contact your bank and deliver up to US$5,000* directly to a bank near you. Alternatively, we'll tell you the location of a nearby bank where you can make a withdrawal.


Visa Explore App - one access point for all Visa global, regional and local offers for our regions' card holders.

What does it do?

With the Visa Explore mobile app, Visa cardholders can find the latest Visa offers and promotions overseas or nearby - from travel deals, to dining, entertainment, shopping and other lifestyle-related privileges - personalized according to their interests.

Key features

  • Quick access to emergency assistance and concierge numbers
  • ATM locator
  • Currency converter
  • Nearby deals
  • Save and share deals
  • Filter deals by type and preference
  • Contacting merchants offering deals

Novel Functionality

Using GPS, the Nearby feature can show the offers available around the Visa cardholder. Visa cardholder can even filter these offers by the kind of experiences they are looking to avail.

Visa cardholders can also find out locations of ATMs that exist around them at the click of a button.

Where can I download it?

Visa Explore App can now be download through:
      - App Store for Apple mobile devices
      - Google Play for Android mobile devices

Note: Offers vary over time. Visit for Terms & Conditions.

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